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Social Stats Online

About Social Stats

Social Stats Online is a social analytics tool that shows the performance of your blog or website posts on popular social networks, which are by the way a great marketing tool.

People love to share great content with their friends on social networks, but do you know which network is the most popular for your special blog or website or what type of blog posts are shared the most?

Social Stats Online helps you to find out which of your valuable content is shared, liked, tweeted, linked, pined etc. the most. So you will become a idea which of your content performs the most. This is the key to more success by writing great content for your blog or website.

Social Media & SEO

Social Media has nowadays become a very critical piece of the overall SEO puzzle, which you simply can't ignore. Shares, pins, likes, follows, and Googles +1's are all known to positively have a great impact of the overall ranking for a website or blog.

Networks covered

Here is a list of the Social Networks and Social Bookmarking Services which a covered in the moment here at Social Stats Online.

Google+ – Know how many people hit google+ for your url.

Facebook – Shares, Comments, Likes, Clicks and the Total count for the url you specify in the input field.

Twitter – Know how many people have tweeted your url.

Pinterest – Pins count for url specified.

Delicious – Posts count.

Stumbleupon – Views count.

LinkedIn - Entrys with your url.

More to follow ...

Stay tuned!

Tips and Hints

Content is King, so the better your content is, the more your visitors share and linke your content and the searchengines will love your website.

The phrase Content is King describes in the context of optimizing a website for search engines, the fact that the content, and in particular the text of a web page, is by far the most important ranking factor in the top search engines.

Google's desire as example is to strengthen the connections between Google+ users and search visibility. The following factors will play a role:

  • The quantity of published content
  • The quality of the sites where user is published on
  • Number of social signals like Google +1s, tweets, shares, pins, likes, etc.
  • The Number of people who have "circled" the user on Google+

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic via social media sites. Social media marketing usually center on efforts to create great content that attracts attention and encourages your readers to share it with their social networks.

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